By: jerry | 12/28/2005

I've been wanting to write something about Apple's Aperture since the moment I received it. I haven't. Not because I dislike it and not because it sucks, although many photographers believe just that. Rather, because I do like it, but I'm frustrated by so many things. Charley Bandes sums it up perfectly in his "Apple Aperture Review." The sort and select functionality, once you get the hang of it, is excellent. If the rest of the program worked this way, I'd be tickled. But the fact is that converting RAW files in Photoshop is better, easier and more intuitive. Frankly the RAW/image correction tools in Aperture are clumsy and aggravating at best. Mostly they don't work for me for anything other than quick adjustments to snapshots I'm printing at Walgreens. I desperately want Aperture to be as good as Apple's other Pro apps and I need it to work as well as Photoshop for RAW conversion and/or play well with Photoshop (in other words, let me use Photoshop's RAW processor.) Apple doesn't misstep often, so here's hoping this get's fixed and pronto.

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