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By: jerry | 02/20/2010

I've been using Axure RP for a while now and I'm constantly amazed by how much fun it is and how many cool features it has. I'm really excited about the Mac version. After using Axure on a number of projects, some of them pretty involved, I've started compiling my wishlist of features.

  • Dynamic menus. Axure provides menu widgets for both horizontal and vertical menus with dropdowns and flyouts as well as tree navigation widgets. It would be awesome if I could populate these dynamically from the Sitemap. This is a feature that competitor Protoshare already has.
  • Better sizing options on tree menus. The tree menus are really cool, but there isn't very much control over the size and I can't make a menu item break into two lines. So if I have a long page title (not recommended, but I'm not in charge of everything!), then the tree width stretches to accomodate the long title. Text wrap combined with a way to control the width of the tree would solve this problem.
  • Inline links. Currently the only way to make something a link is to make the entire object a link. If you're creating a typical "footer" navigation with all text links separated by pipes you can't make each item a working link unless you manually break them apart. Very tedious.
  • Dynamic breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a very common navigation aid. It's possible to simulate dynamic breadcrumbs using variables, but it's fairly tedious and painful. Breadcrumbs based on the sitemap structure of the page would be awesome!
  • Universal stacking order. Masters are a wonderful feature that makes it possible to make rapid changes across an entire site without having to touch every page. However, a master placed on a page follows the stacking order of that page. Typically this works out just fine, but occasionally it can be a problem. Case in point, I recently worked on a project with a common header. I put that header in a master. In a subsequent round of changes I added a modal dialog activated by a link in the common header. I put the dynamic panel for the modal in the header master so it would be automatically added to all pages. Unfortunately, the header wasn't always the top item in the page stack. On most pages there was other page content that was added later. This content didn't occupy the same x,y space as the header so the stack order wasn't important. It became important when I added the modal which did occupy the same x,y space as the page content. I was forced to touch every page containing the header to bring it to the top of the stack which partially defeated the purpose of the master. If there were some way to give masters a universal stacking order, maybe this problem could be resolved. Something similar to the z-index, perhaps.
  • Open link in new window. Currently a link can be set to open in current window, popup window or parent window. It would be great if it could be set to open in a new window. This is a common behaviour (which can be annotated in the specification fields), but client's are literal.
  • Auto Labeling. It would be great if menu items would be automatically labeled with the text of the link (which could then be overridden. This would save alot of tedious work.
  • Interactions between masters. Suppose you have a dynamic panel on one master. If you place that master on a page, you can manipulate the state of the panel from a link/object on the same master or on the page on which the master is placed. You cannot, however, change the state of the panel from a link/object on another master.

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Victor says:

Sun, February 21, 2010 at 3:31:am

Hi jerry, great list. We’ll take a look at each of them. For Universal stacking order, another option is to use the Bring Panel to Front action on the modal. Then you can keep the master in the back and just bring the modal to front when it is shown in the prototype. For Interactions between masters, take a look at Raised Events ( They take a bit to get used to, but will let you have one master affect another on a page.

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