Relating to the past.

By: jerry | 08/20/2007

Jason Kottke has taken images from a new book, Bound for Glory, a collection of American images from 1939-1943 and has added new life by simply color correcting. There was nothing wrong with the color before, per se, but Kottke's work takes the photos from something clearly "old" and from the past and makes it look like something you or I might have shot yesterday.

Purists might argue that this ruins the integrity or lowers the historical value of the photographs, I believe, however, that Kottke's work enables an insight that few of us manage on our own when studying historic documents: the idea that these people we see were as real as you and I. Two dimensional images, especially those burdened with the unreality of black and white or faded color photography are like fairy tales. We don't relate. By simply correcting the color on these remarkable images to approximate that of a modern camera, the people and situations they depict come alive in a way I had never before experiences.

Bravo Jason for daring to tinker with the past! I'd love to see the whole book with this treatment.

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